We invite you and your friends to come have a seat at our tables and feel the rush of Lady Luck. Try your hand at our classic casino card games or maybe try something new and exciting.  Saddle up to our wide choice of Slot machines or relax and play in our VLT room.

Games to play every day of the week.  Always fun and rewarding entertainment. The chips are down, the slots are spinning and you’re enjoying the games in our casino.

Why take a chance on your good times—you can bet on great times at the Great Northern Casino!

"WINNING!" Wednesdays

Buffet Bonus – Wednesday:
Open to everyone who is in the casino on Wednesday from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm. Pick up your ballot at guest services. Receive extra ballots with a Senior’s buffet purchase, but NO buffet purchase necessary to participate. We draw for $100 cash every hour. Names drawn have 8 minutes to claim the cash, or the money goes to the previous winner.

Beginners Blackjack:
$3 Blackjack tables at noon for those looking to try it out at an entry level.

Free Bingo:
In the lounge @ 1:00 following the Senior’s Buffet. Fun prizes to be won!

Free Slot Tournament:
Starts @ 2pm. Cash prizes.

Slot Tournament:
No entry Fee. Every Wednesday @ 2 pm. Signups start 1 hour before start time. Players are ranked by highest score at the end of each round. 1st place gets $100, second and third get $50 each.

POKER Tournament:
Join us for our Texas Hold ’em style Tournaments every Wednesday @ 7 pm.
*$120 Buy-in. $110 Re-buy. UNLIMITED Re-Buys for the first hour!

For more info, or to register, please call the poker room @ 780-539-4454, Ext 121


Spring Cha-Ching! Visit a casino in March for a chance to
WIN the Spring Fling Contest valued at $100,000!

Contest runs March 1 – 31.

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Texas Bounty Poker Tournament
Texas Hold ’em style Tournament.
Sunday @ 2 pm: $140 Buy-in, $130 Re-buy, $20 bounty.
Wednesday @ 7 pm: $120 Buy-in. $110 Re-buy.
UNLIMITED Re-Buys for the first hour!
For info, or to register, please call the poker room @ 780-539-4454, Ext 121
$400 No Limit Texas Hold'em Tournament

$400 NLH Tournament – Sunday, March 24, 2024 

 Registration starts at 11:30am
Play begins at 12:00pm

$400 Total Buy In which includes:

  • $30 Registration Fee
  • $10 Dealer Gratuity
  • $9 Charity Fee

Unlimited re-entries within the first 8 blind levels.

Eligibility Rules:

  1. All players must be at least 18 years of age.
  2. Entry fee must be paid in full by cash. The total entry fee is $400.00, which includes a $30 admin fee and a $10 dealer gratuity. Charity will retain 10% of the buy ins.
  • Late buys and unlimited re-buys will be accepted for the first 9 blind levels.
  1. All tournament players shall familiarize themselves with all tournament rules and regulations, as well as all Great Northern Casino House Rules.
  2. Great Northern Casino employees shall not be permitted to participate in all Great Northern Casino sponsored tournaments.
  3. The house reserves the right to limit the number of participants at its sole discretion. Minimum required number of participants to begin the tournament will be left to the house person’s discretion.
  • Great Northern Casino retains the right to deny participation of a player without providing reason to do so.

Tournament Playing Rules & Regulations:

  1. Playing rules and regulations shall be governed by the conditions set forth by the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission.
  2. Present Poker House Rules shall apply during the duration of the tournament.
  3. Any decision made by the houseman during the tournament is binding and final.
  4. The object of the tournament is to win all tournament chips issued to be declared the winner.
  5. If three or more participants go “All-In” during the same hand and two players are eliminated, the one with the larger stack at the beginning of the hand will place higher.
  6. Betting will be conducted on a no-limit basis.
  7. All tournament participants shall receive the equivalent of 30,000 in chips.
  8. There is no monetary value to these chips.
  9. No rabbit hunting is allowed.
  10. A player who wishes to use their cell phone must step away from the table.
  11. This tournament will have 30 minute blinds. When 30 minutes has elapsed, a new round is announced and the new blinds apply to the next hand. A hand is deemed started upon the wash of the deck.
  12. Players going from a broken table to fill seats assume the rights and responsibility of the seat.
  13. All tournament chips must remain on the table. Removal of chips may lead to disqualification. The exception to this is moving from a table that has broken, and then chips must be moved in a rack or in plain sight. Any chips that are put into players pockets for transfer will be deemed dead monies.
  14. If you are absent at any point during the tournament, your blinds will continue to be posted until you return or have no chips left.
  15. Players will have an option for unlimited re-entries if they go broke within the first 9 blind levels. Re-entries will be $400. At the end of the ninth blind level the re-entry period will end.
  16. Tournament will use big blind antes. In the event a player doesn’t have enough chips to cover both big blind and big blind ante, the big blind will be paid first.

General Rules:

  1. All tournament participants, by virtue of playing the tournament, agree to waive all rights if the Great Northern Casino utilizes upon Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission any materials associated with the tournament for promotion, advertising, publications, etc.
  2. Tournament winners shall agree to be photographed should management elect to do so.
  • Any tournament winnings shall be accepted by the participant as is. No substitution will be allowed.
  1. Player substitutions, for any reason, shall not be allowed.
  2. Great Northern Casino shall retain 2.5% of the total money pool going to the licensed charity for the casino event.
  3. Any normal cost associated in conducting the tournament shall be borne by the house.
  • Poker dealers and Houseman will be provided to conduct the tournament in a fashion agreeable to the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission.
  • Side betting between participants is not permissible at any time, and will lead to immediate disqualification from the event.
  1. The last participant in the tournament will be declared the winner. If the last participants choose to divide the remaining prizes, percentages of division shall be the sole responsibility of the participants. Any objection from one or more participants will negate this rule and the tournament will be played to its conclusion.
  2. To begin the tournament, all participants shall draw randomly for their table and seats. Seat or table exchanges amongst players is not permitted.
  3. If a player is absent from the table for whatever reason, the necessary blind will be posted for them by the dealer or houseman.
  • In the case of a split pot between two or more participants, the excess denominations will go to the left of the player holding the button.
  • As tournament play progresses, it is the sole responsibility of the Houseman to move players to another table. Tournament tables will be kept within a two player balance.
  • Play during “open limit betting,” players minimum bet must be equal to the big blind, unless “All-In.”
  1. Raises must meet the following criteria:
  2. The initial raise following the big blind must be a minimum of double the big blind.
  3. All re-raises must be a minimum of the amount of the previous raise.
  4. A verbally stated “raise” is to be accompanied by a single motion over the line, otherwise the string bet rule will apply and the player will be committed to a minimum raise.
  • “All-In” raises allowed.

Disqualification Requirements:

  1. Excessive breach of house and tournament rules.
  2. Excessive swearing, drinking, or rowdiness.
  • Infringements on another participant’s right to enjoy the tournament under the rules.

All disputes in which a ruling, interpretation, clarification, or intervention is required; the decision of the Tournament Director/House person shall be deemed FINAL.

 Prize Division

Great Northern Casino shall retain 2.5% of the total money pool going to the licensed charity for the event. The amount of places paid out will be based on the amount of entries.

Amount of Entries                     Amount of Places paid out

2-9 entries                                         Pays 1 prize places

10-19 entries                                     Pays 2 prize places

20-34 entries                                    Pays 3 prize places

35-44 entries                                     Pays 4 prize places

45-54 entries                                     Pays 5 prize places

55+ entries                                        Pays 6 prize places

Poker Schedule

2pm    NLH Tournament Entry $150. ( Re-Entry $140)
4pm    1-3 NLH, Min. Buy In $100 – Max. $500 (Initial buy in)
4pm    1-3 NLH, Min. Buy In $100 – Max. $500
4pm    1-3 DC, Min. Buy In $100 – Max. $500
4pm    1-3 NLH, Min. Buy In $100 – Max. $500
4pm    1-3 DC, Min. Buy In $100 – Max. $500
6pm    NLH Tournament Entry $120. (Re-Entry $110)
4pm    2-5 NLH, Min. Buy In $100 – Max. $500
4pm    2-5 DC, Min. Buy In $100 – Max. $500
4pm    2-5 NLH, Min. Buy In $100 – Max. $500
4pm    5-5 PLO, Min. Buy In $200 – Max. $1,000
4pm    2-5 NLH, Min. Buy In $100 – Max. $500
4pm   5-5 PLO, Min. Buy In $200 – Max. $1,000
NLH – No Limit Texas Hold’em
PLO – Pot Limit Omaha

DC – Dealers Choice


Dealer’s Choice – Texas Hold ’em, Pineapple, Crazy Pineapple and Omaha High (Pot Limit).

To book the Poker Room for a private party, please contact Ruthbhel Santiago – Table Games manager

Please contact the Houseman for further details at 780-539-4454 ext 121.


The Great Northern Casino offers over 400 Vegas-Style slot machines and a VLT room with 30 VLT’s. Exciting and entertaining machines.There are large provincial progressive pots and many in house progressive pots to be won!

  • Open at 9:30 am 7 days a week
  • Friday and Saturday nights slots will remain open until 4 am.

Table Games

  • Blackjack
  • Free Bet Blackjack
  • Ultimate Texas Hold’em Progressive Jackpot
  • Three Card Poker Progressive Jackpot
  • Roulette
  • Chase The Flush
  • 3 Poker Tables

Table Games schedule:

  • Monday & Tuesday                2 pm – 2 am
  • Wed. –  Saturday                    12 pm – 3 am
  • Sunday                                     12 pm – 2 am

Great Northern Casino encourages all its guest to play responsibly.

All casino staff may assist you in the event you require assistance.

For further information on the Alberta Voluntary Self Exclusion Program visit GameSenseAB.ca or email the VSE Rep at [email protected] or contact the Responsible Gambling Info Centre Representative on site.